Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Top 5 Reasons why the Slow Fish 2016 Gathering will be Off the Hook

written by the Slow Fish 2016 planning team

Starting Thursday March 10 in New Orleans, we're kicking off the first international Slow Fish gathering in North America. Together with fishermen, chefs, youth leaders, community based organizations, and more we'll be sharing stories, celebrating locally caught seafood, rocking to good music, and helping shape the Slow Fish campaign here in the States and beyond.

If you can't be with us in New Orleans you can follow along on social media. We'll be using the hashtag #slowfish and posting regularly to our community Facebook Page.


1. The Values Run Deep

Campaigns and movements are only as strong as the values they stand for. Slow Fish's values are divided into three fundamental and interdependent parts, summed up as good, clean, and fair, for ALL. 

GOOD: fresh, delicious and seasonal, satisfying the senses and connected to our culture and local identity.

CLEAN: produced using methods that respect the environment and human health. 

FAIR: accessible prices for consumers, but also fair earnings that can guarantee decent working and living conditions for small-scale producers and workers. 

These values correspond to a global vision of food production, taking into consideration the environment's ability to renew itself and the need for people to live together in harmony. 

2. Talking about a Revol-Ocean 

Slow Fish is diving deep on the issues that confront the industrial seafood system. At this week's gathering we'll hear stories that challenge the dominant narrative around industrial aquaculture, genetically engineered seafood, privatization of the Ocean commons, and more. 

To get a sneak peak from some of the folks who'll be sharing stories at Slow Fish, check out National and Local Groups Oppose Industrial Aquaculture by Marianne Cufone, Tampering with our Future by Anne Mosness, and Fish and Ocean Grabbing: A Case for Commercial Fisheries by Seth Macinko and Brett Tolley.

3. Justice with Joy, Its a Shell-ebration

In the words of Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini, "If you want to change the world, don't do it with sadness do it with joy." At Slow Fish we'll be celebrating the unique flavors and recipes from values based chefs like: 

  • Chef Alex Harrell and Angeline hosting Chef Drew Deckman of Deckman's en el Mogor in Baja, Mexico
  • Chef Dickie Brennan and the Bourbon House hosting Chef Digby Stridiron of Baltar in St. Croix, Virgin Islands
  • Chef Tenney Flynn and GW Fins hosting Chef Nate Hereford of Niche in St. Louis
  • Chef Matthew Gulotta and MoPho hosting Chef Kurt D'Aurizio of the I. M. Sulzbacher Center in Jacksonville, Florida
  • Chef Melissa Martin and the Mosquito Supper Club hosting Chef Jessica Tantalo of Orlando's East End Market.

We'll also be rocking to the soul thumping, sea stomping, bayou blastin' music from bands like

And then we'll wrap it all up with a sunrise to sunset traditional Seafood Boil and Cajun Boucherie where Slow Fish “meats” Slow Meat.

4. We Cast a Wide Net

The seafood system is big and touches people all along the value chain from fishermen, to fish workers, to processors, distributers, retail, restaurants, institutions, and anyone who eats seafood. It touches coastal communities, inland and river-based communities, and everyone who shares the ocean commons. It also touches everyone who cares about the lifeline of our planet. The earth is after all, over 70% water. 

That's why at Slow Fish we'll have youth leaders and fishermen from Alaska, Canada, New England, and beyond. Plus we'll hear stories from fishing community members, values-based seafood businesses, and leaders from: the Okanagan Nation, Oregon, California, New Orleans, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Hawaii, and many more. 

5. We Have Fish Puns for Days

Holy mackerel and oh my cod my friends, you've been herring about the revol-ocean and it ain't no fluke. Many working waterfronts are at the end of their line and we need all hands on deck. This is no time to flounder around or mullet over. 

There is a rising tide and this is no time to scale back, any fin is possible if we're all aboard and working together. No squidding around, the industrial food system is a load of pollocks. We're all in the same boat and rowing in the same direction. Ain't no if's, and's, or halibutt's about it. Get yer sea legs ready, we're diving deep.

Editors note: If others have better fish puns, let minnow. Don't leave it to salmon else.

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